Salah – conditions of the validity

29 Aug

As a Muslim you should know salah is essential part of worshipper’s life. Therefore it has it’s own terms and conditions, which are obligatory and necessary as any other process in Islam. Whether you were ignorant of your obligation, forgot it or intentionally left, you are not excused from them.


In order to perform prayers, a person must be:

1. The Muslim.

2. Convinced believer in Allah and his Prophet.

3. Adult, because children are not required to perform prayers. However, when the child reaches the age of seven parents must teach him to pray and to stick to the prescribed prayer times.

4. Sane. So the insane person is not allowed to perform salah.

5. Aimed to Allah. The intention for the Muslim prayer is a real desire to pray for the sake of God.

Actions which are forbidden during Salah:

1. Conversations during the prayer.

2. Eating or drinking.

3. Closing the eyes or looking around.

4. Laughing.

5. Direct your body to the opposite side of Kaaba.

6. Lamentation, moaning for worldly reasons or pain. In addition crying of fear of Allah is not forbidden.

7. Cough without a reason.

8. Extraneous actions.

9. Standing with sleeves rolled up (for men).

10. Praying face to face with a person, or if a red-hot charcoal is viewable.

11. Mop the brow.

12. Touch the floor before falling on the knees.

13. Reading the Quran with mistakes that change the meaning.

14. Use written aids.

15. Violation of ablutions.

16. The sunrise.

17. Perform prayers on the road, in dirty places, graves, next to the sewage, in other people’s possessions without permission of the owners.

18. Do not stick to the prescribed prayer times.

19. Wearing inappropriate clothing. It must be loose-fitting and clean.

20. Open the parts of the body which are not allowed to be seen by others.

21. Men and women standing in a row without any barriers such as curtain or screen.

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