19 Sep

Ramadan is a big holiday for all Muslims and it is known worldwide. It lasts for 29-30 days and is held in the 9-th month of the Islamic calendar. This muslim holiday is a time of obligatory fasting (sawm) clarification and charity-giving. It is one of 5 pillars of Islam.

During a month of Ramadan devout Muslims refuse from drinking, eating, smoking and intimacy in the afternoon. Fasting is not only self-restriction it makes the believer to become closer to God and starts to realize the true value of life. It is a way of spiritual and physical detoxification. Ramadan is a period when the believer refuses from worldly pleasures and concentrates on prayers. Muslims start to spend more time at the mosque, dress more conservatively and meditate existence. The refusal of simple human needs even in the hottest and wearisome days gives Muslims the chance to show the intensity of faith. Duration of Ramadan depends on a lunar calendar. The fasting starts with Fajr prayer and comes to an end after sunset (after Maghrib prayer).


Daily before making a fast, Muslims must show their intention (niit) approximately in the following form: “I intend to make (today) tomorrow a fasting of month Ramadan, for the sake of Allah”. It is advised to read the whole Karan during this month. During this month Muslims perform prayers more responsibly: don’t miss it and strictly observe prayer times. Until the end of the month Muslims must pay Zakat al-Fitr – obligatory charity paying.

The actions breaking a fast:

– Not said intention (niit);

– eating or drinking in the day time;

– smoking;

– sexual acts;

– masturbation;

– input of rectal and vaginal medicines;

– spontaneous vomiting.

Fast violation during the Ramadan without acceptable reason in considered as a seen. For those who don’t observe the fast are not recommended to eat, smoke or kiss in the public places in the afternoon too. In many Islamic countries it not allowed to crew the cud or to turn on the music loudly during the fast.

All this actions could be made after the sunset without restrictions. In the last 10 days of Ramadan Muslims make worship more heartily. Ramadan ends when the new lunar month (Shawwal) begins. With the first days of Shawwal Muslims start to celebrate big Islamic holiday Eid-al-Fitr.


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