4 Oct

Every year Muslims gather together in the Hejaz (Saudi Arabia) near the Kaaba praying the Allah. And it doesn’t depend on their social status, culture, color or ethnic group. Hajj is annual traditional Islamic pilgrimage connected with visiting Mecca and its neighborhood (the mountain Arafat, Muzdalif and Minh’s valleys). First of all it is the 5-th pillar of Islam after Salah (and following prayer times), Sawm and Zakat. Also in the literal translation from the Arab language it means “aspiration, intention or aspiration to glorified” and “return, renewal”. The Islamic calendar which bases on lunar year determine the time of holding the Hajj.


Hajj features

– It is the best act for the Muslim in Islam.

– It is is considered to be the one of types of jihad.

– Pilgrims are the God’s guests.

The history of ceremonies, according to Muslim legends, goes back to the prophet Adam and Hava (Eve), after their exile from Paradise they have met on the mountain Arafat (standing on the mountain Arafat is one of obligatory ceremonies) to both Ibrahim (Abraham), and his son who has to be sacrificed, but Allah has opposed the human victim. And to honor a memory of immolating, it is ordered to arrange a great sacrifice with an animal. Consequently having tested belief of the prophet — Ibrahim (Abraham). Allah not only preserves his son’s life, but also shows that He doesn’t need the bloody victims.

Conditions for performing Hajj

1. Confession of Islam is obligatory. It is forbidden to perform Hajj for those Muslim who belied the faith.

2. Maturity. First of all it is also not necessary to perform Hajj for children.

3. Sanity, because he pilgrimage should be made in sound mind.

4. Freedom, because is not allowed to make a pilgrimage to the holy places for slaves or prisoners.

In conclusion when pilgrims come back home, they put on a green turban and long white clothes that symbolize the commission. As a result the family of the pilgrim arranges grand welcome which is followed by a festive dinner. Many Muslims whenever possible repeat a pilgrimage.

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