Eid al-Fitr

18 Oct

Eid al-Fitr or “breaking the fast festival” is the second important Islamic holiday which is celebrating by religious Muslims worldwide. Most of all it signalizes the ending of the holy month Ramadan and the final of the dawn-to-sunset fasting. Eid al-Fitr celebrates at 1-th three days of Shawwal (the month of Islamic calendar following after Ramadan). Probably the tradition to celebrate “festival of breaking the fast” goes back to year 624 when Prophet Muhammad celebrates the holiday with his relatives and friends after the battle of Jang-e-Badar.


Believers congratulate their friends with the words: “Eid Mubarak!” (Blessed holiday!). Finally muslim families gather together to mark the ending of Ramadan and show gratitude and worship to Allah. Muslims perform a ritual prayer according to prayer times, put on the best clothes, invite relatives, neighbors and friends, cook traditional dishes and prepare presents to each other. In this happy day children take part in different games, visit neighbors who feast them on sweets. It is good time for charity and arms-giving for those who are really in need.

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