Clothes for salah

29 Aug

The main requirement to both man and woman’s clothes for salah is covering the body prescribed by Sharia (awrah). Awrah is religious Islamic term. It explains which parts of the body are intimate and must be obligatory covered with clothing. For man awrah is a part of man’s body from the top of the navel to the knees, for woman – the whole body, the exception is the face and hands, according to some madhahib – foot to the ankle.

Woman’s clothing for the prayer mustn’t be tight or allocating certain details of her body. So it is not correct to perform salah in skinny trousers and clinging dress or blouse. If the woman still had to dress in pants, it is obligatory to put on anything with the length above the knees. If a woman has some problems with performing salah, for example because of her relatives, who doesn’t know that she had declared the Muslim faith, she can put ordinary bathrobe on her home pants in order to cover awrah.
Speaking about clothes for salah, men and women mustn’t wear transparent garments, in which the skin color or the shape of the body is seen. It also concerns women’s scarf. If the scarf covering the head of a woman has slipped forward, salah is not accepted.


Forbidden clothes:

–          Garments leaving awrah uncovering;

–          clothing making the person similar to representatives of an opposite sex;

–          clothes making the person similar to non-muslims (for example, an apparel for Christian monks and priests, carrying a cross or other religious symbols);

–          clothes showing arrogance and haughtiness;

– menswear with materials, including silk and gold;

– clothes showing luxury and squandering;

– clothes with images of people and animals, and also prints with forbidden words.

Men and women mustn’t uncover their genitals, while praying, even they are alone.
If salah is read in inappropriate clothes, you must reread it, abiding by the exact prayer times. Denying the awrah is illicit and is considered as a sin.

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